N95 KIDS White Disposable Respirator Mask

  • Filtering facepiece respirator
  • For consumer use. Not intended for healthcare use.
  • 4-layer highly breathable construction includes a double layer of non-woven melt-blown polypropylene for filtration.
  • Graphene-free
  • Easy breathing: very low inhalation and exhalation resistance
  • Particle Filter Efficiency (PFE) >95%
  • Note: These masks are not NIOSH N95. These masks achieve >95% particulate filtration efficiency in the test samples using the NIOSH standard procedure TEB-APR-STP-0059
  • Note: Earloops do not meet the headband requirement of NIOSH N95
  • Moldable metal nose piece creates a tighter seal to reduce air leakage and glasses fogging
  • Dispose of after 8 hours of accumulated use (e.g. one 8-hour school day, or eight 1-hour trips to the store)
  • Fits most children ages 4-11. The fit must be checked for an adequate seal against the face. If the respirator does not seal, discontinue use.

This respirator features a metal nose piece and expandable 3D shape similar to KF94 that fits most children ages 4-11 (For teens or larger youth, consider our 510 respirators).

The 3D horizontal-fold shape creates a large filter surface that’s easier to breathe through, keeping you cooler and more comfortable vs many cotton and surgical masks.

The wide and soft fabric flaps spread the pressure gently across your face to eliminate pressure points and discomfort of traditional cup-style respirators.

Ensure the mask nose bridge is formed tightly against the nose by pushing inwards firmly with fingers from both hands. Ensure the ear loops are snug for a tight seal between the mask and face, especially around the nose and chin. For smaller faces, try tightening the ear loops using cord locks or a strap extender or tie a knot in the earloops. If air leakage persists around the perimeter of the mask, please discontinue use and seek a better-fitting respirator mask.


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